Spotfire – a slow user experience and quick overview.

Spotfire is a Business Intelligence tool, something like SAS with excel feel, it is possible to use its vast functionalities without in-depth code knowledge. It is next step from excel with sharing and interactive possibilities. It has nice light and you would think user friendly interface till you start digging into it. It seems pretty intuitive for experienced excel users but it is not. To be able to use it quite smoothly it takes some time and energy.

There is no rows limitation in the tool; number of rows depends on calculation possibilities of the machine Spotifre runs on.

It is very good in understanding data – Spotfire creates automatic visualization when new data is loaded in.

It’s main functionality is to deliver interactive, clear visualization to big group of recipients, no matter their location, in minutes from updating the data. It is available on annual subscription payment plan – no CAPEX.

What I like about Spotfire is amount of information I can put into a 2 dimensional graph.

Beside obvious information on X, Y axis and in data points plotted on them, I can load the exemplary data point there with few more variables – I can give it specific shape, size, colour each for different information, maybe merged from different data set.  Everything in visualization is interactive, by highlighting data point or part of the chart I can display underlying data or totally different parameters linked to source data.  It is pretty handy in reconciling items requiring some action or completion



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